eR Engineering works with the Norwegian energy sector's peer companies to strengthen their project execution abilities. Our team of engineers are reputed for their competence and dedication. Current open positions EIT:

For all positions:

  • We provide permanent employment
  • Depending on position accommodation and travel expenses may be covered by the company
  • Bachelor or technician degree. Relevant experience may compensate for formal education.
  • Scandinavian and English language skills required
  • NORSOK or Norwegian project experience.
  • Rotational work is evaluated case by case


Please get in contact with us to discuss which locations are available

For enquiries, please contact:

Krister Dahlberg

e-mail: kkd@euroressurs.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kristerdahlberg


Electro Engineer

Work Scope

  • Prepare and issue work packages for EIT cable pulling installation.
  • Work in E3D model.
  • Prepare and issue scale plot for detailing installation information to construction.


  • Construction or Engineering experience from offshore project.
  • 5-10 years’ experience in Oil and Gas industry.
  • Good knowledge of MIPS.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of Electrical, Instrument and Telecom installation.
  • Experience of having main responsibility for EIT cable pulling work packages.
  • Good knowledge of project execution at AKSO Stord Yard.
  •  Good knowledge of project execution in detail design.
  • Fluent in Norwegian and English, both orally and written.
  • Bachelor or technician degree. Relevant experience may make up for formal education.
  • Be independent, flexible and able to adjust to different work assignments and demands.



Work Scope

  • Define which MTO-types shall be used in the project in cooperation with super user MIPS.
  • Define bulk MTO for EIT.
  • Continuously update the MTO with changes.
  • Review and maintain interfacespecs from 3D-model and other engineering register.
  • Transfer MTO from 3D-model.
  • Transfer MTO from the engineering register.
  • Define requisitions and generate the amount based on MTO’s.
  • Ensure mark up for contingency in accordance with given budget guidelines.
  • Run material simulation.
  • Verify MTO from engineering.
  • Oversee surplus and send message of cancellation at acquisition.
  • Collect MTO data from the projects experience rapport.
  • Run MTO rapports from MIPS weekly.
  • Define and establish min/max lists in the MIPS with associated min/max parameter.
  • Make weekly requisitions for min/max material.
  • Monitor excess materials and send notification of cancellation to procurement.
  • Continuously gather data for the lessons learned report.


  • Good expertise within materials technology, types and qualities.
  • The use of 3D tools for transferring MTO to material system where it is possible.
  • Proficient in MIPS and E3D.
  • Good knowledge of material management system and technical register.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good in teambuilding.
  • Fluent in Norwegian and English, both verbal and written.
  • Bachelor or technician degree. Relevant experience may compensate for formal education.


Instrument Engineer

Work Scope

  • Design verification.
  • Verify engineering and vendor-documentation and give feedback to suppliers on lack of information and discrepancies.
  • Ensure that the building method is implemented in the EIT shop eng.
  • Divide up work packages so that one gets the best efficiency in the production.
  • Verify the location and installation and HSSE friendly design in the 3D-model, PDMS.
  • Follow up the DCN’s so that these are implemented in the work packages.
  • Prepare EIT work packages.
  • Verify interface against all disciplines (EIT, piping, structure, civil, HVAC, etc.), suppliers, subcontractors, production, and planning department.
  • 14/21 daytime rotation.


  • 5-10 years’ construction or engineering experience from offshore projects.
  • Bachelor’s degree or Higher Vocational education
  • Good knowledge of Norwegian and English both verbally and written language
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office
  • FSE / FSH EX Certificate


MC – Commissioning Engineer EIT

Work Scope

  • Preparation of MC documentation, perform pre-punch, discipline punch and multidiscipline punch for Electrical/Instrument/Telecom scope
  • A normal workday will consist of 70% in the field and 30% in the office.
  • Work location will be shared between Stord and Øygarden.
  • Prepare and maintain the project Completion system ProCoSys.
  • Follow-up up of Mechanical Completion at the construction site
  • Coordinate and execute multi-discipline punch inspection in collaboration with Customer
  • Prepare for and take responsibility of final handover to Customer
  • Prepare commissioning procedures.


  • Relevant education: Bachelor’s degree or higher in relevant field
  • Minimum 2 years post graduate experience from relevant industry practice
  • Satisfactory references to earlier performances and capabilities to teamwork
  • Familiar with Procosys, Fusion and MIPS
  • Knowledge of NORSOK and Equinor`s TR standard`s
  • Fluent in a Scandinavian language and English – verbal and written


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