For customers

We assist your project with qualified resources! We work hard to secure that our deliveries provide the desired progress and increased competitiveness.


We offer our employees permanent employment. That is why we are extra careful about who we take in. As an attractive employer, we can choose from among the best. 

Our database always contains a wide selection of good candidates with documented formal education, courses, certificates, practice and references. Our recruitment process is thorough, where we check and review the candidate’s competence including attitude and behaviour. You should know who you are getting.

Added value

We add value to your projects, not just in the form of flexible staffing with the right expertise. As management, we have experience from the customer side and major projects. We know what leadership, high productivity, safe job execution and good task management mean for a successful project. In this way, we can contribute to designing and delivering the solutions that best fulfil the project’s purpose as well as support your continuous improvement initiatives.


Our employees are used to working seamlessly integrated into the customer’s team and systems. In addition to their professional competence, they have been trained by us in HSE, quality and the rules and routines that apply in a workplace. We use the same competence solutions as the leading ones among our customers. Most of our employees have experience from Norwegian projects or deliveries according to Norwegian standards.

Contact us when you are planning your next major project.