CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is about how we create value. It is about how our business affects people, the environment and society. As a responsible company, we take this into account.


We take our responsibility through:

  • Human rights – respecting the inviolability of human dignity
  • Environment – to avoid harmful environmental impact and ensure sustainable development
  • Working life – ensuring good and decent working conditions
  • Business integrity – to counteract corruption and handle gray areas in a good way
  • Surroundings/society/world – to contribute positively locally and globally

CSR in daily work

How we take care of CSR in our daily work is documented in the following policies, rules, and procedures:

  • Anti Slavery Policy Statement
  • Equal treatment reporting
  • HSEQ Policy Statement
  • Drug- and Alcohol-Abuse Prevention Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Connection to organized working life through collective agreements
  • Staff Rules including business ethics code of conduct
  • Whistleblowing procedure

To learn more about these, please feel free to contact us by use of “contact” on this website.

In case of concerns

If you have concerns about our business conduct, don’t hesitate to contact the company management or our external recipient of disclosure:

Morten Bjørnsen
+47 951 77 282